SPMU Removals by Olya

Had a Bad Experience?

Are you in need of an SPMU Removal?

Firstly take a deep breath and relax! If you have had a bad experience the good news is you have come to the right place Olya can help you!

Unfortunately in an industry as unregulated as the Beauty business, I get to see a lot of bad procedures and indeed a large portion of my clientele consists of corrections to sub-standard work. I cannot over-stress the dangers of being lured by cheap prices e.g. Groupon deals.

Often such practitioners are not licenced,  properly qualified and use inferior equipment and pigments.

With procedures like SPMU, that deal primarily with the face, this is obviously the last place we want to see this kind of issue.

The good news is that there are SIMPLE SAFE SPMU techniques which can reverse prior unwanted procedures.

Below is an example of a prior work done by another technician which this client was unhappy with and wanted removed.

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The client came to me for a removal and she opted for two procedures, although ideally in this case a third would have been helpful. The number of removal procedures varies from case to case.


Clients can then opt for a new procedure if they wish.


These removal procedures are absolutely safe with no possibilities of scarring.